Regulo - SMS/GPRS Electronic PRV Controller

Reducing pressure in water distribution systems is a proven technique for reducing leakage and the frequency of bursts. Conventionally, pressure reduction is achieved by a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV), which delivers a fixed outlet pressure to the network. Regulo is Technolog’s next generation of advanced pressure controller – a fully integrated GSM/GPRS Electronic PRV Controller.

  • Fully integrated GSM / SMS / GPRS Advanced Electronic PRV Controller
  • Builds on Technolog’s expertise in Advanced Pressure Control
  • Flow, time, closed loop and advance self-learning control methods
  • Simple, easy to install system
  • Remote data transmission at preset intervals
  • Remote configuration of logging and control parameters
  • Hydraulic-less control, no filters required
  • "Data on the web" option
  • Battery powered with option to connect external power source
  • Threshold & profile alarms
  • Internal diagnostic logging of PRV control
  • UK Water Industry Telemetry Standard (WITS) compatible