Newlog 4 Mk.3 – I.S. telemetry outstation

Newlog 4 Mk3 – Fully integrated, intrinsically safe telemetry outstation for deployment on gas distribution networks.  Facilitates transmission of data over GSM CSD and public switched telephone networks (PSTN).

The Newlog 4 Mk3 records multiple site parameters and plays a key role in delivering self-learning pressure profiling to gas distribution networks.   The Newlog 4Mk3 provides a comprehensive suite of data for effective monitoring and control.

Key Features

  • Rapid deployment and configuration
  • Build options available accommodating up to four integral pressure transducers, three temperature inputs and eight digital inputs
  • Applications include the recording of key parameters of pressure regulating stations, gas temperature, low pressure points, flow, valve operation, filter blockage and level monitoring within potentially explosive environments
  • Optional LCD display
  • Low power design providing typically > 5 years battery life
  • Programmable alarm dial-out
  • Easy interfacing to the Plus 42 pressure control module
  • Intrinsically safe to EEx ia IIC T4 and Zone 0 deployment.
  • User replaceable battery
  • GasCore web based software facilitating automated collection of remote data, site visualisation and management
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