Our Timeline

  • July 2021 40 Years

    Technolog celebrates 40 years of innovation! Together we have accomplished a lot and are very proud of our achievements; so to our employees, suppliers and clients, thank you for sharing our journey so far and for many years of innovation to come.
  • 2021 Regulo v3

    Latest Regulo with additional control features and inputs, plus NB-IoT / LTE Cat M1.
  • 2020 CSA – Cello Sewer Alarm

    A cost effective, robust universal solution for remotely monitoring flooding events in customer gullies or sewer and waste water chambers.
  • 2020 Cello GS4

    Latest revision of the GS with low point operability and NB-IoT / LTE Cat M1.
  • 2019 Water Quality Sensor Solution

    Smart sensor technology offering a sustainable solution for pro-active network management, helping safeguard water quality and meet complex challenges facing the water industry.
  • 2019 NB IoT / Cat. M1 Cello

    Cello 4s variant - compatible with NB-IoT / LTE Cat M1.
  • 2017 Microflow-T

    ATEX zone 0 rated water velocity sensor for the wastewater industry connecting to Cello data loggers.
  • 2016 Cello 6S

    Latest revision of the AMR/AMI data logger. Single channel variant of the Cello 6 for single meter applications (Water / Gas / LPG)
  • 2016 Cello 4S

    Remote monitoring solution. Later version of the Cello. Modular configuration with extended battery life and customised to fit meter boundary boxes.
  • 2014 GasCore

    Web based data analysis and system control for Gas Network Management.
  • 2013 Cello 6v3

    AMR/AMI data logger. Single channel variant of the Cello 6 for single meter applications (Water / Gas / LPG)
  • 2012 WaterCore

    Web based data analysis and system control for Water Network Management.
  • 2010 Regulo

    Supersedes the Modulo bringing cellular connectivity with time, flow and closed loop pressure control for the water distribution networks.
  • 2010 Ecowat

    Two Stage Electronic PRV Controller bringing GSM connectivity. Latest Version of the Ecowat.
  • 2007 Gas Cello MO System

    First integral GSM pressure monitoring system for gas networks.
  • 2007 GPRS Cello

    Cello data logger with GPRS capability as the industry moves away from SMS and required more frequent data.
  • 2007 Cello 6 ATEX

    Dedicated low cost Automatic Meter reading device for gas meters.
  • 2005 Waste Water (CSO)

    A simple solution providing remote monitoring in hazardous environments, used as an essential aid for temporary and permanent sewer level monitoring, capturing overflow events & early flood warning.
  • 2005 Cello EM

    An intelligent GSM Modem for remote reading and control of electricity meters.
  • 2003 Utility Data Services

    The UK’s largest data service provider for gas and water AMR, pressure management and network monitoring.
  • 2003 TMSC / Utility Data Network

    Dedicated systems and infrastructure allowing customers to receive large numbers of SMS messages from the major networks without requiring their own dedicated connections.
  • 2003 Modulo APC

    Electronic Pressure Control for Water Distribution. Patented device, which incorporates several technological breakthroughs. Communicating via GSM and making electronic pressure control a simple, low cost, low maintenance, reliable ‘black box’ concept. Hydraulic-less technology.
  • 2002 Cello I.S.

    First ATEX approved Cello for hazardous areas.
  • 2002 Web PMAC

    Data logging software – First Web based platform for collection and visualisation of data in graph and values format incorporating data logger remote control.
  • 2001 Pocket PMAC

    Data logging software – Local setup software for use on hand help PDAs.
  • 2000 Cello

    Cello First GSM data logger – A universal solution for remote monitoring of networks.  Cello was a fully integrated wireless data logger using the nationwide GSM network to transfer recorded data to a host computer via SMS.
  • 1997 Utilitec Services

    On site support and services created to provide tailored operational field support to the UK Water and Gas Industry.
  • 1996 Ecowat

    Automatic Control Valve (Water) Two Stage pressure control for water distribution pressure regulating valves.
  • 1995 Wizkey

    Valve Status Monitoring Valve Key.  The first intelligent valve key designed to identify, record and control the operation of valves on a water distribution system.
  • 1992 Utilog

    PSTN Line powered data logger/modem.
  • 1992 Autowat APC

    New innovative and patented design. Allows automatic adjustment of pressure regulating valves.
  • 1991 PMAC

    “Pressure Monitoring and Control” software for data logging and control in the Gas and Water Industry. Data collection, data visualisation in graphs and values from a geographic interface.
  • 1990 Pressure Newlog P1

    Data logging module with integral pressure port for water mains pressure and flow recording.
  • 1990 Newlog 4

    Next generation of ATEX data logger.
  • 1990 Dialog 377

    First battery powered remote communication data logger working on PSTN then adapted for Paging triggered Cellular communications.
  • 1990 Autogas APC

    Battery powered Governor controller.
  • 1988 Metrolog

    Integrated pressure and flow data logger for mains distribution monitoring. Automatically detects the rotation of the helix meter.
  • 1987 Baby Newlog

    Single channel data logging module for mains flow recording.
  • 1987 Newlog (water)

    Universal data logging module (Water). Multiple channel used customisable data logger. IP68 by total resin encapsulation.
  • 1984 Megalog (mining / gas)

    Intrinsically Safe logger used in mining applications.
  • 1983 Tinylog

    Developed for field data logging in Water, Gas, Oil, Mining, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, application also used with shaft encoders for river and reservoir levels.
  • 1981 Technolog Founded

    We have come a long way since 1981 when Technolog was founded by Claude Yonnet and Graham Kirkland with the creation of the first data logger for Gas Pressure Monitoring. Since then, we have expanded from Graham’s garage to a small products business in Cromford Mill to a leading group of companies delivering End 2 End solutions to the Utilities both in the UK and Internationally, with over 320 valued employees worldwide.