Utility Data Services

Utilities all around the world trust Technolog with the delivery of data using its resilient and scalable data centres.

Utility Data Services – the UK’s largest data service provider for gas and water AMR, pressure management and network monitoring. The solutions are highly optimized for collecting data from Technolog’s gas and water products using GSM communications. Our data collection and provision solutions process data from over 350,000 sites worldwide.  While delivering over 500,000,000 logged data points per month to our customers.

Utility Data Network

The backbone of the meter reading service is the Utility Data Network (UDN) which supports inbound SMS and GPRS methods of communication. The UDN has duplicated high speed connections to the GSM operators with no single point of failure, thereby guaranteeing continuity of service. Data can be routed directly to the customer or securely stored in a resilient clustered database. As new data is received, it is validated and exported to customers in industry standard or bespoke formats. In addition, customers receive daily reports of their AMR system performance.

Utility Data Services also host websites where the data is conveniently presented. These can be customized to the utility or meter service provider’s corporate style. Therefore information displayed is matched to the customer’s needs which may range from detailed energy analysis to simple trends and meter readings.

The underpinning infrastructure uses best of breed technology in the clustered servers and storage.  Services are hosted across several servers on multiple sites with automatic backup and replication between sites for availability.  Data transfers between sites and with clients are made over encrypted links using the current industry recommended cypher suites to protect data integrity and confidentiality.

Working in partnership with Technolog and Utilitec Services, Utility Data Services provides a complete service for data acquisition.  Also analysis, monitoring and reporting to facilitate efficient management of the water and gas networks.