Valve Actuation Module (VAM) – Add pressure control to data logger

Valve Actuation Module – Cost effective solution for optimising pressure in the gas distribution network, reducing leakage and network repair costs.

The Valve Actuation Module (VAM) adds pressure control functionality to Technologs gas data loggers. When interfaced, the VAM provides clocked average system pressure reduction, which in turn reduces leakage, cost of repairs and methane emissions.

Key Features

  • Compatible with the Newlog 4, Cello GS2 and GS3
  • Communication options to allow users to make remote changes to pressure control settings
  • Housed in a tough enclosure with mounting bracket
  • Fail Safe
  • Intrinsically Safe and for use in Zone 0
  • Protected against water ingress to IP66
  • User replaceable battery
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