DDoS & WAF Protection for UtiliCore (WaterCore & GasCore)

Technolog is the leading provider of end to end solutions delivering reliable, repeatable and relevant data to UK Gas and Water Utilities. A key part of this is the operability, availability and security of data on our UtiliCore web portals – WaterCore and GasCore. Technolog has made significant investments in cyber security, with enhanced features sush as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection for UtiliCore. DDoS attacks occur daily across the globe and involve an attacker sending large volumes of traffic to overwhelm a server or system. In this way legitimate traffic either is blocked or the user experience severely impacted, or even systems taken offline.

DDoS protection protects your GasCore / WaterCore system against volumetric attack by partnering with a cloud scrubbing centre, traffic can be cleansed in real time protecting the platform and end user experience.

Key Features

  • Transparent integration
  • DDoS scrubbing
    − DNS flooding
    − NTP flooding
    − SYN attacks
  • WAF scrubbing
    − SQL injection
    − Buffer Overflow
    − Cross site scripting XSS
    − Stealth commanding
    − Parameter tampering
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