Application Programming Interface (API) for UtiliCore (WaterCore & GasCore)

Technolog is the leading provider of end to end solutions delivering reliable, repeatable and relevant data to UK Gas and Water Utilities. A key part of this is the operability, availability and security of data on our UtiliCore web portals – WaterCore and GasCore.

Our application programming interface (API) feature pack further advances the functionality of Utilicore to allow users to export and manage additional data sets out of the same feature rich user interface. In conjunction with our Advanced Third Party Data module, data sets can be injected in near real time to allow users to make informed decisions and optimise network management.

The Technolog API uses fully document easy to write logical script/query system. All the responses are returned in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Furthermore, Advanced API can be made for 3PD sets to for onward data flows, allowing Utilicore to operate as a broker service to our customers.

Key Features

  • Central platform to visualise separate data sources
  • Data stored within our secure Utilicore hosted environment
  • All in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2 AES 256
  • User friendly configuration & management
  • Real time data ingestion/Export via Advanced API
  • Broker facility for onward transit of data

Examples of API data types:

  • Traditional Instrumentation Data
  • Alarms
  • 3PD
  • Virtual Channels
  • Channel details
  • Device Specific Data
  • Channel Data
  • Site Specific Information
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