Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for UtiliCore (WaterCore & GasCore)

Technolog is the leading provider of end to end solutions delivering reliable, repeatable and relevant data to UK Gas and Water Utilities. A key part of this is the operability, availability and security of data on our UtiliCore web portals – WaterCore and GasCore. Technolog has made significant investments in cyber security, with enhanced features such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for UtiliCore. MFA provides customers with additional safeguards to protect their data with user-friendly self-enrolment and flexible authentication methods to suit all of their users.

Multi-Factor Authentication is a robust way of independently checking that a person really is who they claim to be when accessing UtiliCore. When a user enters their user name and password to access their WaterCore or GasCore account, they will be prompted for a second form of validation, typically a code sent through SMS or a phone call before access is granted to the site.

Key Features

  • Flexibility with two options for MFA – Standard & Premium (powered by DUO)
  • Seamless integration into WaterCore and GasCore with no user disruption
  • Multiple authentication methods to suit all organisations and users including:
    – SMS One Time Password (OTP)
    – Push Authentication with iOS and Android apps (Premium – DUO)
    – Phone Call-back with customisable prompt (Premium – DUO)
  • User-friendly self-enrolment and management
  • Easy for both users and administrators
  • Additional protection for sensitive user roles such as Pressure Control and User Administration
  • Enhanced control, auditing and reporting of user access to UtiliCore sites
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