Newlog 4 DR Mk.2 – Battery powered telemetry outstation

Newlog 4 DR Mk.2 – Easily deployable battery powered telemetry outstation for monitoring critical parameters of gas distribution networks. Aids in the reduction of operating costs and capital expenditure.

The Newlog 4 DR Mk.2 accurately captures gas pressure data, digital inputs and alarm events.  This is transmitted over the GSM network to provide an effective stand-alone monitoring solution without the necessity for regular site visits.

Key Features

  • Build options to accommodate single pressure and up to two digital inputs
  • Configurable for SMS or GPRS communications
  • Suitable for recording critical / low point pressure. Flow, valve operation, filter blockage and level status
  • Choice of pressure recording strategies
  • Bi-directional communication and remote configuration
  • Advanced channel profile and threshold alarms
  • Low power design providing typically > 5 years battery life
  • External Antenna
  • Intrinsically safe to EEx ia IIC T4 for Zone 0 deployment
  • IP68 Protection against water ingress
  • User replaceable battery with automatic low battery notification
  • Compliments existing SCADA networks
  • GasCore is a web based software facilitating automated collection of remote data, with site visualisation and management
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