Project to reduce NRW of the supply network to Tân An City

Long An Province, Việt Nam

Project to reduce NRW of the supply network to Tân An City

Project Overview

This project was to reduce the non-revenue water (NRW) of the water supply network of Tân An City, Long An province, Việt Nam. Reduction of the NRW would lead to a decrease in the volume of water production necessary, lower operating costs and improved network efficiency. This would in turn increase the number of households with access to the drinking water supply.

Technolog’s channel partner, Bavitech was the main contractor for this project. Bavitech carried out the site surveys, technical project design, procurement and implementation.

Key Elements

  • Establishment of 14 District Metered Areas (DMAs) over the Tân An City water network
  • Installation of electromagnetic flow meters and pressure reducing valves (PRVs)
  • Provide data from wireless data loggers to determine leakage and burst location
  • Remote control of PRVs from utility office
  • Monitor critical pressure points within distribution network
  • Reduce instances of intermittent supplies and pipe breaks
  • Extend longevity of existing distribution network

Key Outcomes

  • Technolog’s advanced pressure control device, the Regulo, and remote data logging solution, Cello GSM data loggers, were selected to provide remote monitoring and NRW management
  • VIWATER SCADA system was used to collect and analyse data
  • More accurate calculation of water loss, water balance and minimum night flows were provided
  • NRW reduced from 40% to less than 20% in less than 3 months
  • 6,900 m3 water recovered per day
  • Reduction in burst frequency


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