Cello 4S – Remote monitoring solution

The Cello 4S is a remote telemetry outstation delivering a scalable machine to machine (M2M) solution reducing user operating and capital costs.

Multiple site parameters are monitored, recorded and transmitted over 2G (SMS/GPRS) or 3G networks, providing a comprehensive multi-application solution for the Utilities and Industry.

Key Features

  • The Cello 4S has build options for up to two pressure, eight user programmable digital or analogue inputs and two individually switched 12 Volt outputs for powering 4-20mA loops
  • Easily set-up using Technolog’s innovative optional WiFi communication interface
  • Proven bidirectional Cello communication with automatic gap filling ensuring high level data reliability and supporting remote product configuration
  • Remote set-up, monitoring and control through locally deployed PMAC software or web based WaterCore platform
  • Advanced channel profile and threshold alarms
  • High frequency pressure transient detection critical to extending asset life and network modelling
  • Facilitates closed loop control of pressure reducing valves, pressure sustaining valves and variable speed pumps
  • High accuracy battery monitoring optimising maintenance and asset management programmes
  • Integral movement detection aiding preventative maintenance routines, asset tracking and enhanced data integrity critical for reporting
  • Low power design provides typically > 5 years battery life. Optional external powered unit with “always-on” capability
  • Water temperature measurement
  • Rugged, portable and waterproof to IP68
  • The Cello 4S is WITS compatible and verified
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