Flow and pressure monitoring in South America

Caracas, Venezuela

Project Overview

Flow & pressure monitoring in South America – Hidrocapital initiated a project to automate data collection, as opposed to its team driving to remote locations to manually download flow and pressure data loggers. Hidrocapital had attended technical presentations about monitoring pressure and flow given by Technolog’s channel partner Matco Technology. They decided to issue a local bidding process for flow and pressure data loggers featuring remote communication. The aim of the project was to introduce wireless communication, with easy commissioning and operation.

Key Elements

  • Remote wireless data transfer to the customer’s office
  • Battery powered, fully integrated
  • Access places that are difficult or dangerous to reach
  • Compatible with Hydrocapital existing flow meters
  • Monitor pressure over 80 km of pipeline
  • Reduce number of manual read errors
  • Receive alarms on unusual consumption patterns or pressure profiles

Key Outcomes

  • Cello GSM data loggers were deployed featuring pressure and flow signal inputs
  • Increased operational efficiency from obtaining data several times per day
  • 7 hours’ time saving per day for each employee previously carrying out manual downloads
  • Less reading and processing errors
  • Measurements from data loggers obtained at regular intervals, at the same time every day