A Non–Revenue Water reduction project in Việt Nam

Ho Chi Minh City, Việt Nam

Project Overview

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly and more popularly known as Saigon, is Việt Nam’s largest city. The population is 7.9 million people. 70% of Ho Chi Minh’s water supply sources come from the Dong Nai River in the east while 23% comes from the Saigon River in the west. The Saigon Water Corporation (SAWACO) connects approximately 734,000 households through a distribution network of some 3,800 kilometers.

The water supply network is divided into six zones. An international bank funded project was introduced to reduce the non-revenue water (NRW) of the distribution network within two zones. Reduction of NRW would lead to a decrease in the volume of water production, lower operating costs and improved network efficiency. This would in turn increase the number of households with access to drinking water.

Key Elements

  • Establishment of 125 District Metered Areas (DMAs) in zone 1 and 120 DMAs in zone 2 of the SAWACO water supply network
  • Reduce the number of customers experiencing intermittent supplies
  • Installation of electromagnetic flowmeters, pressure reducing valves and pressure controllers
  • Obtain data to help determine leakage and burst location
  • Provide SCADA integration

Key Outcomes

  • Technolog’s advanced pressure control device, the Regulo, was selected to provide monitoring and NRW reduction
  • Cello GSM data loggers deployed at critical points
  • More accurate calculation of baseline flows, water loss and minimum night flows
  • Reduction of 120,000cum of NRW per day in a single zone
  • Continuous access to drinking water for 600,000 people

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