Sewer Alarm Monitoring

United Kingdom

Project Overview

Sewer flooding into a home is one of the worst things a water company customer can experience.  The Cello Sewer Alarm (CSA) was developed to provide a low cost, easy to install, real time, early warning system, suitable for mass deployment for the purpose of protecting domestic properties and the environment from sewer flooding events.

The CSA acts as a dedicated guardian for a customer’s property, reporting to the water company whenever a domestic gully becomes blocked.  This allows timely proactive jetting, which clears the blockage, stopping a sewer flooding event from happening. The sensor and data logger are concealed within a leaf cover which protects the gully and prevents it from becoming clogged with debris, again reducing the risk of blockage.

The CSA provides greater network visibility and improves the customer’s experience with their water company. It allows water companies to respond proactively rather than reactively before the event progresses, saving the customers property from flooding and reducing the overall number of flooding incidents, a target which is set by the industry regulator. The CSA is low cost, quick and easy to install and its dedicated gully design is a first for the industry.

Key Elements

  • Reduces sewer flooding
  • Provides reliable site flood monitoring data, accessible at anytime
  • Reduces the load on the sewer leading from properties
  • Analytics provide predictive maintenance and trend analysis for flood-prone sites
  • Transmission of early warning alarms
  • Predicts flooding events & blockages before they occur
  • Battery operated
  • Reduces operating costs

Key Outcomes

  •  Reduction in costly site visits
  • Early intervention and prevention for managing flooding and pollutions
  • Enables efficient and targeted deployment of resources
  • Reduced number of internal and external sewer flooding incidents
  • Meet regulatory performance commitments (AMP7)