Gas Holder Primary Stream Control Group Commissioning

Peterborough, UK


At the former Gas Holder site in Peterborough there is an installation which reduces Intermediate Pressure (IP) to Medium Pressure (MP). This further reduces to Low Pressure (LP) which is profile controlled. The installation was very slow to react and as a result oscillation was always a problem. Technolog were engaged to bring this into a satisfactory tolerance via profiling and to improve average system pressures. The installation historically was suffering oscillation of up to 30mbar. The equipment was assessed and updated. Next, it was correctly configured, and then optimal settings were applied to the controller.

Specific focus was given to the following parameters:

• Pressure Threshold
• Exhaust Coefficient
• Inlet Coefficient
• Number of Samples
• Settle Time

Before the intervention the control group performance was poor. After completion, the installation was feeding less gas whilst maintaining safe pressures at the low points. Further breakdown showed the month average system pressure (ASP) preceding the intervention was 26.16 mbar, post intervention the ASP was 24.14 mbar. This represents a 2.12 mbar pressure reduction on average for the group. This site has now been remotely monitored and controlled through GasCore without issue.

Key Outcomes

• Increased Control Group Performance
• Reduction of average system pressure
• Improvement to leakage & reduction figures for Compliance with regulatory bodies
• Reduction in costly site visits

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