BBC – Yorkshire Water expands project to reduce home sewer flooding

A project to reduce the risk and impact of sewer flooding on homes and the local environment is to be expanded to tens of thousands of properties

Yorkshire Water – which supplies more than five million customers – is installing 35,000 sewer alarms at homes across the region.

It follows a successful pilot project in West and South Yorkshire.

The technology allows for potential problems to be quickly identified, the firm said.

The pilot, which took place in Leeds, Bradford, Doncaster and Sheffield, allowed teams to remotely monitor water levels in gullies and respond quickly to potential problems.

Yorkshire Water said the system identified a total of 17 blockages and prevented issues such as sewer escapes or pollution to watercourses.

Henry Dixon, business transformation manager, said: “Our successful pilot project helped to prevent sewer flooding in homes and gardens, improved our customers’ experience by alerting us to blockages before they caused a problem and saved time and costs.

“The expansion of the project will ensure we can quickly identify potential problems and mobilise our teams to investigate the network before there is an impact on our customers and the environment across Yorkshire,” he added.

The utility company is working in partnership with the Technolog Group.