Sewer Level Monitoring

Product Application Note

Sewer level monitoring. Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) are responsive to rainfall. The heavier the rain, the greater the flow the sewer has to carry. It is inevitable during heavy rainfall or equivalent weather events some sewers will be overwhelmed. This overloading, if not relieved by CSOs, would lead to storm sewage flooding homes, gardens, streets, highways and open spaces.

CSOs are therefore essential structures in many combined sewer systems. When the system is full, they act as release valves designed to carry any excess flow by underground pipes to an outfall point, often a local watercourse. The discharge from the CSO is substantially diluted by rainwater and joins a watercourse swollen by rainfall.

Intense storms or wet weather persisting over a long period of time makes the system particularly vulnerable. CSOs are a design necessity in combined sewer systems to ensure that any excess flow takes place in a controlled way and at specified and managed locations.

Technolog products can be used to monitor when, and for how long, a CSO operates for during wet weather and can be used to detect blockages in dry weather.

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