Your Water, Your Life – Scottish Water’s Top Up Tap Programme

Scottish Water have begun the installation of high-tech public water refill points across the country to encourage people to top up from the tap using refillable bottles. The project will see Scottish Water Top up Taps installed in around 30 towns and cities over the next two years. The creation of a Top up Tap network forms part of Scottish Water’s drive to encourage its customers to carry a reusable bottle and refill on the go, for the benefit of their health, their pocket and the environment.  

To ensure Scottish Water are able to analyse and monitor the usage of the taps, Utilitec Services have been deploying GPRS flow data loggers at every site. We are proud to be involved in such a great initiative and are a strong advocate of refillable bottles, promoting the benefits of hydration and reducing the use of plastics. For more information please head to this Scottish Water link