Technolog wins Southern Water Contract

Technolog is delighted to announce that it has recently been awarded a significant contract with Southern Water. Technolog has been a supplier to Southern Water for more than a decade and the two companies have developed an excellent working relationship.

Technolog will supply 7,000 Cello data loggers to monitor flow and pressure in the Southern Water distribution network. The first Cellos will be used to replace approximately 480 legacy PSTN loggers, providing an immediate saving on telephone line rental.

Technolog has over 25 years’ experience in providing low power monitoring systems and developed the first battery powered GSM/SMS data logger for the utilities, the Cello, in 2000/2001. Since then, the Cello technology has been enhanced and developed to provide customers with cost-effective frequent data transmission, allowing real-time network monitoring. Southern Water continues to strive to exceed its Ofwat Leakage target and the wide range and flexibility of Technolog data logging equipment will offer Southern Water a greater opportunity to improve operational efficiencies.

An effective and efficient deployment of product is required. To this end, Southern Water has taken advantage of Technolog’s installation service for proactive replacement activity, whilst retaining the ability to use the same data collection and management system to carry out in-house reactive replacement operations.

Throughout the exchange programme, Southern Water’s flow and pressure data will continue to be integrated seamlessly into its corporate analysis system. In addition, Southern Water will have access to historical and the latest data on-line via Technolog’s WaterCore web-based software package. The amount and quality of data collected from the field will give Southern Water the ability to improve a number of its performance measures.

Technolog and Southern Water are working together to deliver a successful remote monitoring project without disruption to the Southern Water Operational Teams or customers.