Technolog data loggers & safe use of lithium cells

Technolog has manufactured intrinsically safe, battery powered data loggers and pressure controllers for gas and water utilities for over three decades. Technolog products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible safety and performance standards and as such we have an unrivalled safety record. Safety and performance have never been compromised to reduce cost.

In certain applications Technolog products are used in explosive atmospheres such as combined sewer overflows in the water industry and regulating stations in the gas industry whereby any lithium cell failure causing ignition could have catastrophic consequences.


What brand of lithium cell is used in Technolog products?

For over a decade, Technolog has exclusively used cells sourced directly from Tadiran, a wholly owned subsidiary of Saft, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced-technology cells and batteries for industry.

What type of lithium cells are used in Technolog products?

Technolog use ‘low-rate bobbin’ type cells which offer a safe design. The cells we use are manufactured at a fully automated facility to ensure consistent quality and safety. As a further safety measure, Technolog has its cells independently tested by Sira Certification, the UK’s leading notified body for ATEX product certification and quality assurance.

What does Technolog do to make its battery packs safe?

Battery packs are constructed by connecting together several cells to create a higher capacity. Safety starts in getting both the electrical and mechanical design right. We work closely with Tadiran and a Tadiran approved battery pack manufacturer to ensure our battery packs are safe. Various fault conditions are simulated to ensure a pack stays safe.

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