Technolog awarded Thames Water contract

Technolog is delighted to announce that it has been awarded one of the largest ever Advanced Pressure Control contracts by Thames Water.

This sole supply contract requires Technolog to supply over 600 Regulo Advanced Pressure Controllers. Also 600 Cello dataloggers for use with Technolog’s unique real time, peer to peer, closed loop control method.

Technolog has worked collaboratively with Thames Water to supply advanced pressure control products and services since 1994.

Technolog already work very closely with Thames Water to save vast amounts of water using existing Technolog Regulo schemes.  The new contract expands upon this initiative by further reducing leakage and developing a smart water network.

In this innovative water & energy saving system, our Cello data loggers send control messages directly to the Regulo advanced pressure controller. Thus giving real time feedback on pressure within the water supply zone.  The Technolog Regulo intelligently uses these messages to adjust the pressure of water supplied to the zone.

The system provides enough water to meet even the most unusual demand characteristics.  Furthermore ensuring the zone is not over pressurised.

It is well proven that reducing the pressure of water supplied reduces water loss, reduces burst frequency, saves energy and saves money.

The effective and efficient deployment and commissioning of pressure control schemes is essential. To this end, Thames Water are using Technolog’s service company, Utilitec, to install and commission the control schemes.  Utilitec are the UK’s largest provider of pressure management services with over 17 years’ experience in advanced pressure control.

Thames Water will also be making use of Technolog’s new innovative web based platform, WaterCore. WaterCore is a cloud based platform for advanced monitoring and control of water networks with an integrated mapping system and asset management information.