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Taken from Scottish Water News:

Team manages the pressure – Great results from Clyde Leakage Delivery

The Leakage Delivery team has had a good year, winning plaudits – including two Vision Awards – for its impressive outperformance and people development work.

Clyde Leakage Delivery is a great example of a team with a lot of achievements under its belt. It had achieved an overall reduction of a whopping 1OOMLD (megalitres per day), over a four-year period.

This has been done through hard work and by focusing on the four elements of leakage control:

  • the speed and quality of repairs
  • undertaking pipeline rehab and replacements
  • locating and repairing bursts
  • pressure management.

As of April 2012, there were 198 pressure reducing valves (PRV) commissioned in the Clyde Region. A PRV is the device installed on the network to control the pressure.

The trunk main PRVs currently belng installed in Glasgow are the next step for Clyde Leakage Delivery and are a key component of the Scottish Water strategy to deliver better pressure management to our customers. One of the key benefits will be the protection it offers the network, maintaining a steady delivery pressure at key points in the trunk mains system.

The Clyde Leakage team has surpassed the ‘Average Zonal Night Pressure’ (AZNP) target, set out in the SR10 business plan, an impressive 18 months ahead of schedule.

Jake Ratter, Team Manager, explained: “Pressure Management has been a cornerstone of our success in Leakage Delivery.

“Key to the success has been the contribution by our Leakage Field Technicians in resolving network issues, which allow us to implement the schemes, as well as great support from our framework partners, Utilitec, in the design.”

He added: “Throughout this process we have closely monitored the potential impact on our customers and resolved any issues in a very short timescale.”