Waterkonsult Equipment and Services, Inc.

Waterkonsult Equipment and Services, Inc. (Waterkonsult) is the leading Non-Revenue Water Reduction Equipment Supplier and Service Provider in the Philippines.

Since 2001 Waterkonsult has been a pioneer in providing advanced leak detection technology by using highly-evolved techniques in flow and pressure data acquisition and management, pressure zone analysis, pressure reducing valve operation and maintenance, as well as in water meter accuracy, proper sizing, and calibration, to reduce Non-Revenue Water losses of water utility companies and water districts throughout the country.

Even now, Waterkonsult is setting the pace in Telemetry/SCADA; Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Works; CCTV Operations and Maintenance; Pipe Investigation, Bursting, Rehabilitation and Replacement; Robotic Cleaning of Tanks and Reservoirs; as well as in Equipment Rental, Repair and Maintenance; and Training and Consultancy Services.

Contact Details

Telephone +632 952.4122, +632 436.8496

Website http://www.waterkonsult.com/

Address Konsult Haus 9030 Feria Road, Pook dela Paz,
Old Balara
Quezon City 1119

Technolog Sales Representative

Name Alan Siddall

Email technolog@technolog.com