ENERMETER – Sistemas de Medição, Lda

ENERMETER – The Company is a technological based firm working in the development of innovative solutions on metering and artificial vision sectors.

The company designs customised solutions to the customers’ specific needs and based on an appropriated technological standard of quality, proven by the extensive experience in industrial use.

They have extensive experience in the sector and is today a benchmark in the market. Over the years they have had sustained growth embodied in hundreds of thousands of meters installed.

Contact Details

Telephone +035 253 287 237

Website http://www.enermeter.pt/

Address Parque Industrial de Celeirós
2ª Fase, Lugar de Gaião lts 5 e 6
4705-025 BRAGA

Technolog Sales Representative

Name Alan Siddall

Email technolog@technolog.com