The Hidden Benefits of AMR

There is a lot of publicity surrounding Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), but what are the real benefits?

Many companies have considered installing Smart Metering in order to meet CRC obligations (energy tax). However, there are a multitude of other advantages to be gained by monitoring energy consumption using smart metering technology. The most obvious benefit is accurate billing based on actual reads and eliminating estimates. Daily meter readings and consumption profiles allow consumers to understand and take control of their usage and energy bills.

But what about the hidden benefits?

Many employees go about their daily role without thinking about the impact their actions may have in the energy consumed. Organisations may not be aware of how much gas is being consumed overnight or during weekends and holiday periods when premises are unoccupied. Profile data allows energy managers to understand what is happening in every building, every day. Often substantial reductions can be obtained from simple actions such as correctly setting heating timer controls for the season. But it all starts by having knowledge of the consumption throughout the day.

Technolog’s GSM based products provide accurate consumption patterns which can be displayed on a website or dashboard for all to see, thus making everyone aware of the energy being consumed. Targets can then be set to reduce consumption.

So, is fitting AMR to your meters worthwhile? We believes it is essential. Our end-to-end service comprises the market leading Cello 6 GSM Meter Reader, a nationwide team of directly employed engineers (Utilitec Services) and a comprehensive range of data services.

The Cello 6S delivers commercial and industrial Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions with exceptional data integrity. Meter reads, profile data and user consumption alarms are automatically transmitted over 2G and 3G networks to a host computer or data centre at regular intervals providing a cost effective AMI solution.