GrDF contract

Technolog wins GrDF contract.

Technolog is delighted to announce that it has recently won a contract with GrDF (Gaz réseau Distribution France)

The contract called T3MM was awarded by GrDF, the regulated gas distribution business, part of the GdF-Suez group who is responsible for France’s natural gas distribution activity. Technolog will supply and install 95,000 GSM based Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) products over a two year period, and the associated data collection and meter database systems.

The products are to be installed on industrial and commercial gas meter sites throughout France. Technolog will maintain the products as well as provide a data collection service for a ten year period. Data from the AMR system will be exported daily to GrDF’s proprietary metering and billing systems.

The AMR products used in the contract will be from two sources. First the well proven Technolog Cello6 which was endorsed by National Grid in 2006 and is already in wide use on tens of thousands of key industrial and commercial sites throughout the UK. Second a new product named Colibri from French company SIS (Sevme Informatique et Systemes), a traditional supplier to the French gas industry of gas volume correctors and RTUs.

Technolog has worked closely with SIS to integrate the Cello6 functionality and protocol in the Colibri.

Technolog has over 20 years’ experience in supplying monitoring systems for the utilities. The Cello GSM technology is well proven and the Cello6 GSM Meter Reader is compatible with most gas meters. The Cello6 captures pulses from the meter and provides accurate meter readings on demand. It is intrinsically safe and is suitable for use in the most hazardous environments. The built-in battery is designed for longevity so mains electricity is not required meaning it can be installed almost anywhere.

The contract will enable considerable growth in the French division of Technolog which is already delivering products and services to GrDF and to Water Utilities in France and North Africa.