Newlog 3 – Compact data logger

Newlog 3 – Universal, compact data logger for recording analogue or digital signals from instrumentation. Ideally suited for local monitoring of industrial and commercial applications.

Provides a cost effective solution for multiple applications. Commissioning and downloading is easily undertaken on site via a PC or handheld device. A modem module may be added enabling remote access via the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Key Features:

  • Complimented by Technolog’s  software for graphical presentation of data
  • Features up to 8 analogue or digital inputs
  • Supports multiple recording strategies including: voltage, state, event, count, frequency inputs
  • Programmable recording intervals
  • Housed in a fully waterproof enclosure (IP68 to 2 meters)
  • Internally powered > 5 years

Typical Applications:

  • Water Industry: water quality parameters; sewer flow; rain gauging; river, reservoir and borehole water level; pump duty monitoring; low power telemetry…
  • Others applications: energy management; meteorology; traffic counting; industrial plant monitoring; offshore and marine systems; pollution and environmental studies


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